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1.  Rose Lone Elk and Darrell New Plenty Stars ~ On their wedding day.

2.  The Manderson Saint Thomas Church where they were married.

3.  The house where Rose’s parents, Eugene and Bernice Yellow Boy,

 lived in Pine Ridge on the day Darrell fearfully told them he

 wanted to marry their daughter.

4.  Darrell, with his beloved guitar, while attending Brainerd Indian

School at Hot Springs.

5.  A group photo of some Brainerd Indian School students during

the time Darrell and Rose were attending.

6.  Rose and Darrell while both were enrolled in school.

7.  Reverent Ellis Burchfield hands Darrell his diploma during graduation.

8.  The spot where Darrell found Rev. Burchfield praying for him on a

cold snowy December night.

9.  Darrell ~ during recent days, preaching.

10.  The house where Darrell and Rose live today, back on the Pine Ridge

Oglala Lakota Indian Reservation.

11.  The “Safe House” Darrell and Rose rented in Pine Ridge during the

1973 Wounded Knee Standoff ~ there they welcomed AIM militants

 who came to them at night seeking rest, food, and a shower.

12.  The Wounded Knee Cemetery where Darrell’s great grandfather,

Red Fish, lies interred with Chief Big Foot and his people as a result of   

The Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890; the mass trench-grave

stretches along the center of the cemetery enclosed within a chain

link fence.

13.  Below the Wounded Knee Cemetery looking up.

14.  What is left (some 35 years later) of a burned out builidng at

Wounded Knee, after it was fire bombed by Government Agents.

15.  The site of a gas station, museum and gift shop also lost during the

fire bombing, destroying all the historic treasures displayed there.

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The town of Pine Ridge is located near the state boundary of South Dakota and Nebraska. on the Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota Indian Reservation.

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